Nathan GIlmer

Barber/Gentleman Photographer/Filmmaker Husband/Dad

My name is Nathan and I am a husband, soon-to-be dad, barber in training, and a photographer and filmmaker.

I used to photograph weddings professionally but I recently made the move to barbering because I wanted a job in which I work with my hands, meet awesome people, and clock out at the end of the day and enjoy my time outside of work. I absolutely love barbering and I am currently an Apprentice at The Usual Barbershop.

I continue my love for photography and filmmaking through a brand called Gilmer Creative. Its a small side project in which I try to empower people and organisations through better storytelling.

I am married to a really awesome woman named Courtney and we have a little baby coming in October! We are so excited to be starting a family. We post our adventures on a blog called Our Adventure Blog.